Key Features
Multi-Chain Infrastructure

Each blockchain has unique attributes; by leveraging their individual strengths, our protocol optimizes performance and efficiency.

Enhanced Security

With a direct peer-to-peer approach, our protocol maximizes security, fostering trust and reliability in every interaction.

Smart Contract Integration

Our smart contract, optimized for multi-chains, enabling a wide range of applications, all benefiting from peer-to-peer efficiency


Pier is a decentralized peer-to-peer protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain, designed to facilitate Peer-To-Peer with speed, security, and minimal fees.

The decision to adopt a multichain approach is driven by our commitment to inclusivity, flexibility, and resilience. By operating across multiple chains, our protocol ensures wider accessibility, enhanced security and optimized performance.

To get started, create a Metamask wallet, acquire some ETH (Ethereum's native token) for transaction fees, and then connect your wallet on our profile and start trading

For more information, visit our Gitbook. For support, join our Telegram where our team and community members can assist you.